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Welcome to the TEKCIETY HUB BASE STATION - only the select few Techies can say that ten times really fast.

I would like to start off by saying, Thank You! You have chosen an awesome place to explore what is new in technology within your busy everyday lives. We will do our best to keep it going. The goal for us is to make it easy, accessible, organized and interesting! The more we keep focused on you and your interest in technology the sooner we will move on to be a fully functional website. Where we hope to find and work towards strategically attracting a base of Tekciety Service agents and Tekciety Service volunteers.

We are new and accept all new things and technology including yourself. We are going to do our best in not being bias on specific manufactures or designers. We can only accept the best by accepting all types of technology. There is no leader in technology, that would only stop the advancement in all thing tech. We are all Nerds and Geeks here, welcome!

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